Leslies Power Powder Plus Pool Shock

Experience effective pool cleaning with Leslie’s Power Powder Plus. This fast-dissolving treatment eliminates bacteria, prevents algae growth, and maintains a clean pool with 73% chlorine power. Highly recommended for weekly use.

Product Description

The Power Powder Plus by Leslie’s is quick to get the job done so you can return to the water. The Power Powder Plus is the fastest dissolving shock on the market, ensuring a quick shock and preventing the chance of particle staining. The shock is comprised of 73% chlorine to handle the toughest of bacteria and algae for a sparkling clean pool.

Leslie’s Power Powder Plus works overtime eliminating contaminants now while preventing future growth of bacteria and algae. Shocking your pool weekly during the swimming season kills any microorganisms and swimmer waste left behind by regular chlorination. Shocking will also free up Combined Available Chlorine to maintain a sparkling clean pool.

12-Pack of 1 lb


1 lb per 16,500 gallons.


Calcium Hypochlorite