Leslies Alkalinity Up

Boost your pool’s alkalinity with Leslie’s Alkalinity Up, a 100% sodium bicarbonate formula that maintains pH levels and promotes a clean, safe pool environment without potential hazards.

Product Description

Need to raise your pool’s Total Alkalinity without raising the pH level? Leslie’s Alkalinity Up is a quick and effective way to raise alkalinity and keep pH levels in check! A low level of Total Alkalinity can be dangerous for your pool and for swimmers. Leslie’s Alkalinity Up, which is made of 100% sodium bicarbonate, is the easiest way to keep pH and Total Alkalinity balanced, and makes your pool a safe and clean environment for everyone!

Available Options


  1. Measure the Current Alkalinity: Use a reliable pool water testing kit to determine the current alkalinity level in your pool.
  2. Calculate the Amount Needed: Refer to the product label for recommended dosage instructions based on your pool’s size and current alkalinity level.
  3. Pre-Dissolve: Add the required amount of Leslie’s Alkalinity Up to a clean bucket of water. Stir or agitate to dissolve the product fully.
  4. Add to Pool: With the circulation system running, slowly pour the pre-dissolved mixture into the pool water. Make sure the product is evenly distributed throughout the pool.
  5. Retest and Adjust: After a few hours, retest the alkalinity level using your pool water testing kit. If needed, repeat the process to achieve the desired alkalinity range.


1 lb per 10,000 gallons


Sodium bicarbonate