Hydria Clear 1 Inch Bromine Tablets

Discover the advantages of 65% Bromine Tablets for indoor pools and spas. These alternatives to chlorine effectively sanitize without harmful side effects, leaving the water crystal clear. Ideal for hot tubs and easy to use.

Product Description

1″ Bromine Tablets are 65% Bromine and 30% Chlorine. They can be used with either floating dispensers or in chemical feeders. A safe, yet effective alternative to chlorine, Bromine Tablets provide powerful sanitization while reducing the side effects of red eyes, skin irritation, and strong chemical odors. Ideal for indoor pools and spas, Bromine Tablets dissolve slowly and attack and eliminate algae and bacteria, leaving you with clear and healthy water. These 1 inch tablets are easy to handle and work well in floaters and automatic feeders. Bromine is the perfect sanitizer for hot tubs and spas!

Available Options


65% Bromine
30% Chlorine