Leslies Instant Pool Water Conditioner Plus

Protect your pool using Leslie’s Instant Pool Water Conditioner Plus. This liquid stabilizer from Natural Chemistry instantly shields chlorine from UV sunlight, offering a time-saving, cost-effective alternative to granular cyanuric acid products.

Product Description

Leslie’s Instant Pool Water Conditioner Plus by Natural Chemistry is an easy pour liquid stabilizer, protecting chlorine from UV sunlight as soon as it’s added to pool water. Traditional granular cyanuric acid products take significantly more time to dissolve and therefore work which can cost more money and time. With Leslie’s Instant Conditioner Plus, it dissolves instantly and begins working to protect chlorine as soon as it’s added to the pool. This allows you to start enjoying your pool more quickly, so no time or chlorine is wasted.


  • Shake well before use
  • With the main circulation pump running, slowly pour Leslie’s Instant Conditioner Plus into the pool skimmer or directly into the pool water, while walking around the edge of the pool. Brush to speed the dispersal of the product in the pool water.
  • Rinse the container with pool water and shake to ensure all product is removed from the bottom of the bottle.
  • Pour the remaining rinse solution into the skimmer or pool.

Start-Up Dosage:

Divide the pool volume in gallons by 10,000 to determine the number of gallons of Instant Conditioner Plus required.

Maintenance Dosage:

If CYA level is less than 30 ppm, calculate the gallons of Instant Conditioner Plus needed using the following formula:

4 ounces added to 10,000 gallons = 1 ppm increase of conditioner/stabilizer level


Start-Up Dosage: Divide pool volume by 10,000 to get Instant Conditioner Plus needed.

Maintenance Dosage: If CYA is <30 ppm, use 4 oz per 10,000 gallons for 1 ppm increase.


Monosodium cyanurate monohydrate: 35%
Constituents ineffective as Adjuvants: 65%