Leslies Scale & Stain Remover

Upgrade your pool care with Leslie’s Stain & Scale Remover. This efficient, safe, organic formula swiftly removes stains, protects pool and equipment, and prevents future stains, ensuring a sparkling-clean pool year-round.

Product Description

Leslie’s Stain & Scale Remove quickly and easily removes pre-existing stains and blemishes that have built up in your pool or spa without having to drain and acid-wash your pool. It works quickly getting rid of any existing stains in as little as 2-4 weeks to your pool and equipment. Stain buildup is unsightly and can be damaging to your equipment. Leslie’s Scale and Stain Remove is made up of an organic polymer which is safe for all pool surfaces and will safely get rid of the most stubborn pool stains while preventing stains from returning. Our industry-leading pool stain remover will quickly get rid of staining time and time again keeping your pool sparkling clean all year round.


Removing Scale

Raise the pool water level 1″ to 2″ above the waterline to ensure product is in constant contact with scale. Adjust Chlorine level to 1-3 ppm and pH between 7.2-7.8. Using the dosage chart, add Leslie’s Stain & Scale Remove directly to the water, do not mix chemicals. Maintain higher water level for up to 4 weeks or until scale is removed.

Run pump continuously for 24 hours and then resume normal operation. Maintain the chlorine level between 1-3 ppm and pH between 7.2-7.8. The process to remove the calcium scale from your tile may take up to 4 weeks, longer for other types of scale.

Note: For Salt Pools

Turn the generator off for 2 weeks prior to treating with Leslie’s Stain & Scale Remove and use an alternate chlorine source such as liquid chlorine, calcium hypochlorite, or tablets during the removal process.

Removing metal stains

  1. Adjust water pH to 7.4-7.6.
  2. Adjust the Total Alkalinity to 80-120 ppm, depending upon the type of primary sanitizer used (80-100 ppm for sodium hypochlorite, calcium hypochlorite or lithium hypochlorite and 100-120 ppm for dichlor, trichlor and bromine tablets).
  3. Add Leslie’s Stain Remover directly to the pool water with the pump running. Follow the label directions. Wait one hour.
  4. Make sure the Free Available Chlorine level is less than 1.0 ppm. Use Leslie’s Chlor Neutralizer to lower the Free Available Chlorine level if needed. Turn off chlorinators and chlorine generators or remove floating chlorinators. (Leslie’s Stain Remover eliminates all chlorine and bromine from the water).
  5. Add a metal control product, such as Leslie’s Stain & Scale Remove or Metal Free, directly to the pool water with the pump running. Follow the label directions.
  6. Add CuLator Metal Eliminator Each PowerPak removes and eliminates 1.0 ppm total dissolved metals from 20,000 gallons (For best results keep a PowerPak in your skimmer and change monthly to help prevent metal stains).
  7. Run the filter continuously for 24 hours. Brushing helps with the stain removal process.
  8. After 24 hours, backwash or clean the filter before chlorinating. DO NOT SUPER CHLORINATE FOR 3 DAYS. Raise the chlorine level gradually (turn on chlorinator, add floater, etc.) If the pool has a chlorine generator, use granular chlorine, such as Leslie’s Chlor Brite, to slowly raise the level. After 3 days, the chlorine generator can be turned back on.
  9. Closely monitor the pH, Total Alkalinity and Free Available Chlorine to maintain the ideal levels.
  10. To prevent metallic stains and scale build-up add Leslie’s Stain & Scale Prevent monthly, follow the label directions.
  11. . Bring a sample of water into your local Leslie’s store for a FREE 9-Point Water Test that includes tests for phosphates and metals.
  12. Note: After treatment, some metal stains may return after chlorine or bromine is added. This means the metal stains have been on the pool surface for a long time and may not be permanently removed by Leslie’s Stain Remover. If staining remains, retest the stain with a Vitamin C tablet to ensure it is a metal stain. If it is, repeat the process.


5 fl oz per 10,000 gallon pool size
15 fl oz per 15,000 gallon pool size
20 fl oz per 20,000 gallon pool size