Swimline Manor Unibead Liner

Product Description

Attractive design – The Manor pattern provides the visage of triangular and diamond tiles forming an interlocking diamond formation. This comes out of the box with reducing wrinkling as it hand folded rather than packed with an automated machine. Permanent creasing and excessive wrinkles will not be an issue with this overlap swimming pool liner.

  • Measure Twice, Buy Once: Whether installing for the first time or replacing an existing liner, the Manor pattern offers durability without breaking the bank. Be sure to check the measurements of your swimming pool to ensure the correct size is purchased. Pool height is determined by measuring the outside wall from the ground to underneath the top rail. Round pool size is determined by measuring from the center point wall to wall to obtain the diameter.
  • Install in a Snap or a Hook: This 24′ round unibead style liner works with pools with flat bottoms measuring 52″. For an overlap style pool, simply open up the j-hook portion and slip this over the pool wall. For beaded style pools, use the standard bead after removing the j-hook portion along the score or groove mark. This will leave only the standard bead, which is inserted into the bead receiver opening. ***Will not work with Intex or Pop-Up pools***
  • Stay Cool in the Pool: Enjoy the warm weather while spending quality time with family and friends. Your backyard pool will surely become the place to be during those hot summer days. Stay cool in more ways than one with the Manor liner.
  • Heavy Duty Material: Made from 100% virgin vinyl, these liners are computer cut, and the seams are lap welded for a flawless fit and finish. The Lamiclear technology provides years of protection against abrasion, chemicals, and UV fading. This is the result of the use of three layers, including: an acrylic top coat, UV resistant print layer, and the virgin vinyl base layer.