Swimline Lacoste Unibead Liner

Product Description

The Swimline Lacoste Unibead Pool Liner combines elegance and durability for an extraordinary pool experience. Enjoy the chic oasis of your backyard, with the water sparkling like a sapphire. Lacoste, the famous brand with the crocodile logo and refined style, adds its touch to your pool, making it fabulous.

Made with careful detail: This hand-folded liner has no wrinkles or creases. Its Manor pattern has a stunning design of triangles and diamonds, forming a sophisticated interlocking shape. Your pool will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Easy Installation: The Lacoste unibead pool liner fits your needs, whether you have a new or existing pool. It works for both overlap and beaded pools. Just use the j-hook or the bead receiver.

More than a pool, a lifestyle: Have fun with your loved ones in the water. The Lacoste unibead liner is not just a liner; it’s a way to make memories. Dive in and cool off in style, forgetting your worries.

Built to last, made to impress: This liner is made from 100% virgin vinyl, which is strong and beautiful. It has a perfect fit, a watertight seal, and a triple layer of protection against wear, chemicals, and UV rays.