Swimline Boulder Swirl Overlap Liner

Product Description

This pool liner is an overlap pool liner that is installed by draping the liner over the walls, securing it and removing the excess liner. Whether you should purchase an overlap liner or a beaded liner depends on the construction of your pool. The Boulder liner is made from Perma 25 Vinyl with UV inhibitors. Perma 25 is a strong industry standard width, Vinyl is a material that can be smoothly applied and provides a comfortable surface, and UV inhibitors prevent the liner and designs from fading with exposure. The pool liner design has a noticable effect on the aesthetics of your backyard. This liner is decorated with rocks and swirls. Find the perfect liner for your pool for flawless installation and protection of your above ground pool. Note that pool liners don’t last as long as your pool does, and you will need to continuously replace and revamp the liner over the life of your pool. Find the best pool liner every time to protect the pool.

This is NOT a Beaded Liner

Liner Size:

  • Round Pools: 15′, 18′, 24′, 27′, 30′, 33′
  • Oval Pools: 15′ x 30′, 18′ x 33′

Liner Style:

  • Overlap (works on pools up to 54″ tall)
  • Boulder Border
  • Rock Walls
  • Swirl Bottom
  • Lap Seam Construction

Liner Material:

  • Perma 25
  • 100% Virgin Vinyl
  • UV Inhibitors