All Weber products are covered by a comprehensive warranty program, with up to 25 years of warranty on selected components of given products.


To be eligible under Weber’s warranty program you must have proof of the date of purchase in the form of a receipt or invoice. The product must also have been used as prescribed in the instructions, which came with the grill.

The warranty program does not cover damage caused by misuse, inappropriate use, incorrect installation, modifications, inadequate maintenance, inadequate cleaning, etc. Nor does the warranty cover damage due to weather conditions such as hail, storms, earthquakes, etc., or discolorations resulting from contact with chemicals (direct or airborne). Please also refer to the warranty provisions that came with your Weber product.

Filing a claim

If you fulfill the above conditions you are entitled to make a claim – this means that the part(s) of the product which is defective will be repaired or replaced at no charge. Contact your local Pool City for more information.