The family game room has undergone a lot of changes in recent years. Once small and decorated with just a few board games and tables, today’s game room is often more theater-like. Sophisticated sound systems, varied lighting styles, specially-designed chairs, and multiple monitors have turned the modern game room into a spectacle.

Whether you’re adding on a game room or remodeling an existing one, there are several elements to consider when you’re putting it together. Here are some ideas on how to design the perfect game room for your family and friends.

Layout Options and Features

Traditional game rooms prior to the 21st century often just focused on one or two activities. Many of them had only a free-standing table for playing board games, cards, or dominoes. Usually, those tables took up too much space to allow for multiple gaming pursuits, such as pool, ping pong, pinball, or arcade games.

Technology has given modern game rooms many more options. A home entertainment system can now be a whole activity center in itself for video games or streaming binges. 

Bigger homes have also become much more relevant than the past and game rooms now may include a bar, a refrigerator, multiple tables, a few self-contained cooking appliances, and even a hot tub or sauna.

pool table in a game room

You can design your game room’s layout according to how you foresee using it. Will you use it just for board games, or for other entertainment options as well? For example, you may opt for a bar area, complete with a set of barstools, or a space for billiards.

Lighting Options

Lighting is an important consideration that some novice game room designers overlook. Lamps and overhead lights were used in windowless game rooms in the past. Today, game room users have far more options and ways to control their lighting setups.

Ambient lighting is often a great choice for video-centric game rooms. Low-level, softly glowing light is easier on the eyes of someone who’s already looking at a screen for hours. 

Today’s LED-powered lighting systems allow for dimness control and color changes. You may prefer LED striplights and add-ons like spotlights to accentuate the room, especially if your game room will feature multiple areas with different uses.

Storage Space

It’s easy to overlook storage needs when it comes to game rooms. Many people just keep their board games stacked in a remote corner of the room with no organization. However, adequate shelf space can make the game room a more relaxing, comfortable place to spend time.

When designing your game room, make sure to account for storage for game software, board games, or other supplies. If you don’t want to build shelves yourself, you can find standalone units for reasonable prices at home improvement or department stores. Try to be relatively precise about how much space you’ll need.


A beat-up couch, a creaking coffee table, or a bean bag chair used to suffice for many game rooms in the past. With today’s game rooms, that’s no longer the case. Modern furniture options can better enhance and support the gaming experience.

furnished game room with board games and tv screens

There’s a wide range of seating options suitable for game rooms. Chairs with strong ergonomics and support features are good for games played on tables. Some ultra-modern chairs may have built-in sound systems and vibration generators.

Modern game room couches are designed for all home entertainment uses. They can simulate the features of modern movie theater chairs that have been redesigned for maximum comfort. Headrests, beverage holders, manual reclining, and USB ports are some of the features you’ll come across when shopping for game room couches.

Game tables are also crucial parts of your game room, and there are many to choose from based on what your needs are.


Especially if you live in a larger space with other people, it’s important to account for soundproofing in your design strategy. Not only is it a measure of respect for your family or roommates, but it also allows you to enjoy your game room without worrying about disturbing your neighbors.

It’s fairly easy to soundproof your game room with materials like cork, rubber, mass-loaded vinyl, or other fabrics. Also, consider installing acoustic tiles and soundproof doors to prevent excess noise from escaping to the outside.

Create the Game Room of Your Dreams

A well-built game room can be the social center of your home or a small, solo shrine to the joy of video gaming. Whatever your ideas are, you can design and build the ultimate game room with help from Pool City. Contact us or stop by one of our convenient locations in Pennsylvania to start creating your dream game room today!