Are you considering a swim spa for your home, but not sure it will be a worthwhile investment? The number of reasons this new addition can be worth every penny you spend on it may surprise you.

Take a look at these key advantages that purchasing a swim spa for your home has to offer.

Incredible Versatility

A swim spa is somewhere between a pool and a hot tub, providing many of the advantages of both, along with some unique benefits of its own. Swim spas can typically check off more boxes on your aquatic entertainment and exercise checklist than any other option. 

This is because, with a swim spa, you have the relaxation potential of a hot tub but with a lot more space, as well as the ability to exercise through swimming and aquatic fitness.

Convenient Size

It may not be feasible for you to fit an entire pool on your property, but it’s a lot more likely that you can comfortably incorporate a swim spa while still enjoying many of the benefits a pool offers.

And even if you do have the space for a pool, due to its substantial size, you are much more limited on the locations where you can install one compared to a swim spa.

Year-Round Use

One of the bigger downsides of pools is the small window of use they offer each year, as many of them are tailored to hot weather and feature cold water. This means that swimming season can be a paradise for pool owners, but once that time passes, it’ll be many months until they can enjoy their investment once again.

On the other hand, swim spas can be heated or cooled, which means that yours will be available throughout the entire year. Factoring in year-round use can make a tremendous difference in a swim spa’s investment potential. Pool City offers swim spas with many different attributes to keep you swimming in every season like insulation, all-season covers, and dual heaters in some swim spa models.

Plenty of Room for Guests

Hot tubs can be a lot of fun, particularly when you have guests over to join in for some relaxation and conversation. However, there’s a much more limited amount of space in a hot tub compared to a swim spa. You’ll be able to host far more friends and provide each of them with a greater level of comfort if you opt for the swim spa.

The added room of a swim spa can also be great for families, as you’ll be able to share quality time with one another and let the kids play while mom and dad kick back and relax.


Healing and recovery can be aided and elevated with the help of hot water and jets. Whether you’re sore from a workout, suffering some sort of injury, or have everyday aches, pains, and stiffness, a relaxing soak in your swim spa can help you find relief.

And the therapeutic benefits are not just physical, either; swim spas can be excellent places to relax, unwind, and destress.

Space for Swimming

Few other exercises can compare to the gentle, full-body workout you get from swimming. With a swim spa, you have a unique opportunity to outfit your home with the perfect place to benefit from aquatic exercise without dedicating the large amount of space that a pool requires.

A swim spa can create its own current so that you’re able to swim in place, drastically reducing the space you’ll need to get the workouts you’re looking for. You can also walk or jog against the current to vary your aquatic exercise.

Various Health Benefits

Swim spas offer various ways to improve both your mental and physical health through exercise and hydrotherapy, which can aid in weight loss, injury recovery, and stress relief. A swim spa can also soothe muscle soreness and arthritic joints, as well as improve your sleep.

Add to these health benefits the improved quality of life that a swim spa can bring you and your family by simply offering a place to relax and spend time with one another, and you’ve got something that’s more than worthy of the investment.

Considering a Swim Spa for Your Home?

Purchasing a swim spa comes with many advantages, and the improved quality of life it can bring you and your family by offering an ideal space to relax and spend time with one another can make a swim spa more than worthy of your investment.

If you’re interested in installing a swim spa on your property in Pittsburgh or Western Pennsylvania, reach out to Pool City Leisure Center. We are your source for quality home leisure products. Contact us or stop by one of our convenient locations today!