Many of us have to say goodbye to our beloved swimming pools when the summer ends. Long days filled with sunshine, backyard barbeques, and beach day getaways are on hold for a few months. But one of the most notable parts of the summer that gets lost to harsh Pittsburgh winters is the swimming season. 

Fortunately, with a swim spa, you can enjoy swimming all year long, no matter the weather. Swim spas are alternatives to swimming pools and hot tubs that marry the best of both worlds to give you a unique experience. Here’s how they work.

About Swim Spas

Swim spas combine everything you love about a swimming pool with all of the best features of a hot tub. For example, you can adjust the water temperature to be as hot or cold as you like. Swim spas also feature hydromassage jets that can soothe muscles and ease tension from a long day.

a boy is swimming in jacuzzi swim spa

The easy-to-adjust temperature is the swim spa’s secret to year-long use. While a hot tub offers the ability to comfortably operate it in cold weather, it’s too small to allow for doing laps or other similar exercises. 

But with a swim spa, you can take advantage of that same temperature control year-round, along with the space you need to enjoy your love for swimming through the winter months.

Benefits of Owning a Swim Spa

One of the best benefits of swim spas is how versatile they are. You can continue your aquatic exercises any time of year, yet you can also kick back and relax in ways you wouldn’t be able to in your standard swimming pool. Your swim spa can serve whatever purpose you need at the moment.

Exercising with a swim spa is also fantastic for your muscles and joints. Swimming is a low-impact exercise that’s a full-body workout as well. And if you’re working out elsewhere and just need somewhere to kick back and unwind with a hydromassage, you’ll find that place in your swim spa.

woman is exercising in swim spa

There are some practical benefits to owning a swim spa over your traditional swimming pool, too. Perhaps the most notable is how little time and money it takes to install. Some in-ground pools can take weeks, even months to complete. But with a swim spa, you could be practicing your backstroke by the end of the day.

Swim spas are also perfect for anyone who wants to keep things compact. If you’ve thought you couldn’t fit a swimming pool in your backyard because you’d be giving up on precious real estate, you might want to reconsider and look into swim spas instead!

Searching for the Ideal Swim Spa

How can you find a spa that gives you these benefits and more? There are a few things that the savvy shopper should keep an eye out for.

Brand Reputation

Swim spas come in a variety of prices, and you may wonder how you can ensure you go with a quality brand. Make sure you choose a brand or seller that’s known for having open communication with their customers, exemplary service, and a willingness to back up their products with quick responses or replacements should something go awry.

swim spa in backyard with a view of green grass


If you’re interested in using the spa year-round, you’ll want to buy one optimally designed for it. Most swim spas will allow you to raise the temperature so you can stay warm. However, those with better insulation will require significantly less energy to reach those temperatures. 

This better insulation translates to you saving on energy costs and ensuring you stay comfortable no matter the weather.

Size and Features

You want to ensure your swim spa fits your planned space. Consider how much room you’ll have in your backyard or indoor area, how many people might use the spa at any given time, and even how deep you prefer your swim spa before purchasing.

Decide how you want to use your swim spa, is it for entertainment, relaxation, or exercise? Do you have an avid swimmer in the family who needs to keep in shape during off season? Let your local experts at Pool City know what you’ll be mainly using the swim spa for and they will be able to point you towards the swim spa of your dreams. 

Just Keep Swimming With Pool City

Keep the pool party going all year round with a new swim spa from Pool City. We also carry any necessary accessories and equipment and can provide you with much-needed pool maintenance services to keep your pool or spa in Pittsburgh working its best. Reach out to us to learn more about our spas and services today!