There are many ways to improve your rental property to attract vacationers and increase revenue, but few are as effective or simple as installing a hot tub. Adding this luxurious element to your property can be the one thing that separates your vacation rental from all the rest and puts you at a significant advantage over the competition. 

Of course, there are some important considerations regarding this sort of investment, and you’ll want to review them carefully before making any decisions. To get a better idea of whether a hot tub would be a great addition to your vacation rental property, take a look at this easy guide.

The Benefits of Adding a Hot Tub to Your Rental Property

When you install a hot tub on your rental property, you’re likely to enjoy the following advantages:

You’ll Bring in More Guests

Any potential vacationers looking for a rental with a hot tub won’t even give your property a second look if you don’t have what they want, and any potential guests deciding between your property or another can be easily swayed by the fact that you’ve got a hot tub and the competition doesn’t.

Higher Rates

The value that your hot tub brings to your rental property will allow you to justifiably charge more money for it, and odds are your guests will be happy to pay it. The extra cost should pale in comparison to the added comfort, luxury, and recreation they’ll enjoy with a hot tub during their vacation.

Increased Property Value

Your hot tub will not only increase the value of your property in the eyes of potential guests, but it will also increase its value to anyone interested in buying the property should you decide to sell it. It’s an investment with both short and long-term benefits.

Backyard Hot Tub in Front of Spacious House

Tax Deductions

There are some ways in which you can write off your hot tub on your taxes, reducing costs and making your investment seem all the wiser. However, you’ll need to research this topic a little further, as it’s not as simple as writing off the entire cost of your tub.

Considerations for Adding a Hot Tub to Your Rental Property

After reading all the ways a hot tub on your rental property can benefit you, you’re likely motivated to get the ball rolling. However, there are a few things you should consider first in order to determine whether this investment is for you.

Upfront Costs

Other than the cost of the hot tub unit, you will need to make sure your rental property is properly equipped with the electrical power to run the unit. Smaller hot tubs, also known as Plug-n-Play units, can be used with a simple outdoor 20amp outlet. Where a larger acrylic hot tub can use up to 60amps in electrical use and need to be hard wired for a 220v connection by a professional electrician. You will also want to make sure you have a water source from a hose to refill the hot tub when needed. You may also look into reinforcing a deck if you choose to put your hot tub in an area off the ground. Your Pool City Hot Tub experts can help you figure out all the preparations you will need to make to ensure your hot tub is save for guests.

Installation Costs

You’ll also need to have your hot tub installed, putting a hot tub on any surface higher than two feet may require a crane installation. An on-site inspection or images of your property can be a great way to know how to properly get your hot tub where you want to install it for the optimum view and relaxation for your rental property.

Backyard oasis with hot tub and pool

Energy Costs

Most hot tubs these days are very energy efficient, having a hot tub with wifi compatibility can give you peace of mind when not at the rental property to check temperature of the water, filter modes, and more and control them from your very own smartphone.

In very cold climates it is recommended to look at upgraded spa covers that offer more insulation to reduce the loss of heat therefore creating the hot tub to run a bit longer to keep the temperature at a cozy heat level.


Hot tubs nowadays have many different bells and whistles to cut down the maintenance such as filter modes that can be custom set to enhance your cleaning creating a much safer and healthier spa experience, cleaner jets that turn on when the filter is cycling to clean any small debris from the floor of the tub also help to keep the unit clean.  Many mineral and salt systems included in hot tubs also reduce the need to check the water chemistry on a daily basis which is perfect for rentals. Have the peace of mind that your renters are using a clean and safe hot tub. 

Hot Tubs from Pool City

Learn more about how Viking, Jacuzzi®, and Sundance® Spas hot tubs can improve your rental property and increase its value by reaching out to Pool City today.