Here’s a beginning checklist of reminders to execute on your own or with your pool builder before investing in your backyard vacation.

Check the code first

Before heading down the road to owning a swimming pool, be sure to check with your local building code enforcement office to determine what can (and sometimes cannot) be added to your property. Each township, borough, or county will likely have restrictions on proximity to property lines, utilities, safety or zoning restrictions, and even mandatory green ordinances that could limit the size or style of your swimming pool. Knowing what your locality allows will help you define limits for your new swimming pool.


Research is key and information is free

Whether it’s on a website, in a showroom, or via literature and videos provided by a swimming pool contractor or manufacturer, there’s never been more information available about swimming pools and swimming pool installation. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the styles of pools available to you, the maintenance associated with those pools, and the general process of pool installation as well as the bottom line initial price of the swimming pool and installation.

Don’t sacrifice quality for price

You’re making a significant investment in your property. There’s no substitute for a quality-choosing the pool that’s priced right for you is only half the battle. Be sure to look at the duration of the warranty. Look at long-term costs for operating, maintaining, and replacing all or parts of the pools.

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