While the scorching summer days may seem like the perfect time to dive into a newly installed pool, waiting until cooler months may not only benefit your wallet but your yard as well. You might be daydreaming of that shimmering blue paradise in your yard, but waiting until the season’s end could bring substantial benefits. Let’s explore why.

More affordable installation costs

Most pool installations start in the Spring and carry on through the Summer from customers who purchased during cooler months early in the year. Getting onto the schedule if purchasing during the hotter months may take a little longer than expected.

Opting for an installation when most pools are closed for the season, however, opens up not only more flexible scheduling but also cost-effective pricing. Cooler months mean lower demand, translating to reduced installation costs.

Cost-effective materials

Alongside the dip in installation costs, material expenses for your pool are likely to decrease during the off-season. New pool models are purchased and delivered during the Fall months which means leftover models from the previous year need to exit the warehouses to make room for the new. You may need to compromise on size and design but you will get a great deal, nevertheless. 

A beautiful outdoor space come summer

Pool installation can leave your property looking a little worse for wear, but that’s temporary. Installing your pool in fall ensures that the grass and plants have time to rebound, offering a picturesque setting come late spring and summer. Not to mention landscaping companies can take time with you to create an amazing backyard oasis that you’ve been dreaming of.

No need to rush

Swimming season installations can feel frantic, both for homeowners eager to dive in and for installers under time pressure, not to mention being at the mercy of the weather. Opting for a fall installation provides the luxury of time. You can deliberate over design options and ensure the job is completed to perfection.

Ready for swim season

With a substantial investment in a pool, you’ll want it ready for action as soon as possible. By installing before the swim season, you avoid the rush give yourself more flexibility, and have oodles of time to plan the pool party of the year! 

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