Bar stool shopping

Bar stools are both fun and functional and can be a great accent to your home decor. There are several things you need to consider when buying bar stools to be sure that you get the right bar stools that are the right height and the right material for your space. Here are some things you should consider when choosing bar stools.

Getting the right height

The first thing to consider when choosing bar stools is the height of the countertop or bar where you plan to place them. While some bar stools offer adjustable heights, most come in fixed heights ranging anywhere from 24″to 30″. The height of the bar stools that you need depends greatly upon the height of the countertop, table or bar where you want to place them. For comfort, you need to buy bar stools that are tall enough to sit comfortably, but not so tall that people’s legs will be cramped underneath the bar or countertop.

To determine what height of bar stool will work best for you, start by measuring the height of your countertop from the floor. Measure from the floor to the underside of the lowest part of the countertop or table. Most countertops measure about 36″ from the ground. If yours fall into this height area, choose a bar stool that is close to 25″ tall plus or minus an inch. This will provide maximum comfort for the person sitting at the countertop. If your counters or table measure 40″ or higher off the ground, choose a 30″ bar stool instead so that the stool is tall enough for the counter or bar. If you choose a smaller stool for tall countertops or bars then the person sitting on them will be too low below the top of the table to sit comfortably.

Selecting the right style

Once you have determined how tall you need your bar stools to be, you can start shopping. Be sure to keep in mind the decor of the room where you plan to place them and try to find bar stools that match. There are many different styles of bar stools available these days including retro 50’s style bar stools, sleek modern bar stools, and bar stools designed with old-world charm. If there is other furniture in the room it is a good idea to try to match the base material of the bar stool with it to help tie the look of the room together. If you don’t have other furniture in the room then try to choose a style of bar stool that fits well with the overall feeling or decorating scheme of the room.

Comfort is also a factor when choosing bar stools. Many bar stools come with extra padding or a supportive design that can make sitting in them more comfortable without sacrificing on style. Choose a fabric that appeals to you, however, keep in mind that bar stools can suffer from spills so it is a good idea to look for a fabric or leather that is easy to clean in case of accidents. If possible, shop for your bar stools in person and try sitting in them to make sure they feel good and don’t poke or pinch anywhere that they shouldn’t.

By being prepared in advance and knowing what size and type of bar stools you are looking for you can cut down on your shopping time and still get the perfect bar stools for your space.