For those who decided to hang on to summer just a little longer, it’s time to finally close the pool. In doing so, it’s important to make sure all the pieces are properly put away and cared for. See below for our eight easy steps to closing your pool this fall…

Step one

Make sure water in pool is crystal clear, free of debris and the PH, Alkalinity and Hardness is properly balanced.

Step two

Purchase a Natures Way Closing Kit for your pool size. Stop chlorination 24 hours prior to winterization.

Step three

Add the contents of the Natures Way closing kit by pouring the entire bottle of Winterizing Algaecide and Winterizing Stain N Scale directly into pool. Distribute contents of bags or bag of Non Chlorine Shock treatment.

Step four

Allow filter to run for at least one hour to properly circulate and distribute the closing kit chemicals and then shut filtration system down.

Step five

Remove water from the pool to a level below the water inlet fitting in the pool wall and then insert a winterizing plug into the pool inlet wall fitting and skimmer bottom opening. Follow your particular pools manufacturer’s instructions.

Step six

Follow the manufacturer’s directions for properly winterizing your pool equipment. If you choose you may remove the filter connecting hoses from the pool and pool equipment and bring equipment inside for storage.

Step seven

Punch out all eights holes as indicated on the white winterizer chemical cartridge and place in pool oblong side up.

Step eight

Cover the pool with a solid winter cover of your choice making sure that there are no holes or tears in the material to possibly allow rain water to contaminate the pool’s water. Failure to cover the pool properly could result in severe structural and liner damage.