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Why Now is the Perfect Time to Get a Fire Pit


Spring is finally here! As many of us are practicing social distancing, we may be retreating to our backyards more than usual in order to enjoy as much of nature as we safely can.


Here are some ways that a getting a fire-pit or fire-table can help you get even more out of your backyard.



1)    It can make a backyard camping excursion feel like the real deal!


Spring brings us new growth, wildflowers, and song-birds. It makes the idea of a weekend camping trip sound incredibly alluring. But you can continue to heed the shelter-in-place order and still have your weekend-get-away. Set up a tent in your backyard and spend some quality time with your family. With a fire-table, you can still enjoy a campfire—with far less hassle and as many marshmallows as you want. Who doesn’t love smores?


2)    The night might be a little chilly, but you don’t have to be


Extend days enjoying the sun into evenings by the fire with a companionable cup of tea. The contrast of cool air and warmth from your fire-pit is the perfect wind-down before bed.


3)     It elevates the look of any backyard space


There’s a reason people enjoy well composed paintings, intricate architecture or a summer’s day. As human beings, we’re have an innate appreciate for alethic beauty.

A fire-pit can work as a beautiful center piece—adding elegance to a well designed patio. In times of stress, it is important that we can retreat to spaces that fill us with sense of splendor.


4)    It can spice up dinner


With a cooking grate for your fire-pit or table, you and your family can share in a different kind of eating experience. Gathered around the fire, everyone can participate in cooking. Maybe plan a tapas night, or perhaps kebabs. Ever heard of Korean BBQ? It’s a style of cuisine where everyone takes turn cooking their food directly at the table. Do your own spin on that. It’ll get everyone involved with dinner and it doubles as a family activity.

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