Natural Chemistry Spa METALfree

Experience a cleaner spa with Spa METALfree. Our solution fights stains and discoloration caused by metals such as iron and copper. Perfect for regular spa maintenance, dose weekly for optimal results.

Product Description

Spa METALfree is a highly effective metal deactivation agent that prevents staining and discoloration from trace metals such as, iron and copper. These trace may already be in the spa fill water or in water added to maintain water level. Spa METALfree should be used as part of a well designed spa maintenance program. Various metals like iron and copper are frequently found in domestic tap water. These metals can build-up and lead to staining on spa surfaces. Due to regular topping up of spa fill water, it is recommended to dose weekly with Spa METALfree.


Initial Dose

Add 1 capful (4oz) per 400 gallons directly to spa water evenly around the edge.

Weekly Maintenance Dose

Add 1 oz per 400 gallons (one quarter of the large cap) weekly directly to these water evenly around the edge.


1 oz per 400 gallons