Black+Decker 350 GPH Auto Cover Pump

Product Description

Protect your whirlpool by easily removing water off the top of your swimming pool cover. Keep your spa clean all year round with the Black+Decker Submersible Cover Pump. Prepare your pool for your family fun and the next pool season. This water pump is fully submersible and equipped with a specialized pre-filter to prevent clogs caused by unwanted debris. Operating best during the summer and spring seasons, this pool cover pump effortlessly disposes of tainted water and nasty rainfall with leaves. An automatic on/off switch detects up to 1/8-inch of water. This fishpond cover pump is great for household water transfer jobs like emptying out your water heater. Features a hose connection for easy installation for easy cleaning and maintenance. Easily plug in the 25-foot-long power cord to an outlet and you are ready to go. The liquid pump also boasts a flow-rate of 350 gallons per hour for fast water removal. Equip yourself with the proper tools to get you and your pool ready for summer faster. Get rid of all that standing water in the middle of your cover with the Black+Decker Submersible Cover Pump.

  • Pumps out 350 gallons of water per hour to ensure a clean environment for your pool or hot tub in the winter
  • Removes standing water from your pool cover and can be fully submerged in water for added versatility
  • 25-foot-long power cord is flexible and comfortable to use, reaches long distance so you can plug in and go
  • Pre-filter sponge pad prevents clogging in the tub pump so you don’t have to worry about unwanted debris
  • Standard hose adapter allows for simple installation and quick setup
  • Automatic switch detects up to 1/8-inch of water
  • Oil-free design for environmental protection
  • Trustworthy efficiency: UL-listed
  • Color: Orange