American Pools and Spas 54" Elektra Above Ground Pool

PolyOne Advanced Composites develops fiberglass-reinforced polymer for improved pool construction, offering durability, assembly ease, aesthetic appeal, corrosion resistance, and longevity in varied temperatures.

Product Description

Engineered polymer reinforced with continuous fiberglass. Developed by PolyOne Advanced Composites to improve durability, ease of assembly, and asthetics compares to traditional pool construction. 3-year accelerated life cycle test. No loss of performance over multiple seasons and temperature extremes.

50% lighter than steel. Corrosion resistant. Stands up to salt, won’t oxidize or rust. Won’t flake or crack, maintains beauty over time. Impact resistant, rigid but not brittle. Featuring Swimtek Thermoplastic Technology.


  • 54” Aluminum Wall
  • 9” Wide curved resin top seats for a perfect look and outstanding rigidity
  • 7” Reinforced uprights with embossed patterns stabilize top seats while providing harmonious designs
  • Bottom tracks with exterior shields lock the wall into place and prevents the wall from coming out when the ground heaves
  • 1-1/4” top tracks safely secure the liner in position and stabilize the wall to ensure constant circular orientation.
  • Thermoplastic outside connectors are flexible and perfectly fitted to the pool to strengthen its circular form

54" Elektra Above Ground Pool Specs

Sizes Round: 15', 18', 21', 24', 27'
Sizes Oval: 15' x 25', 15' x 30', 18' x 33'
Frame: Resin Frame
Height Available: 54"