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Hayward 256T Sand System with 1.5 Super Pump


from Hayward Pool Products

* Full size internal plumbing provides high flow rates & very efficient filtering, allowing you to run the filter system less - saving you money on energy costs!

* An integral top diffuser evenly distributes dirty water from the pool across the entire surface of the sand inside the filter tank to provide the cleanest filtered water possible.

* A quick & thorough backwashing cycle completely removes dirt & debris trapped by the filter, wasting the least amount of treated water possible in the process.

* The 6-position top mounted multi-port valve makes it easy for any pool owner to perform all filtering & pool maintenance tasks.

* Filter Only option below includes the filter tank, multi-port valve, sight glass, pressure gauge & sturdy mounting base. An excellent choice for any in-ground pool owner who already has a pump & just needs a new filter.

* Complete Filter Systems also include Hayward's best selling pool pump, the Hayward Super Pump. Also included are all pump-to-filter fittings & plumbing, & a convenient pump & filter mounting plate (pictured above).

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