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54" Laguna J-Track/Beaded Liner (Round)

Because we are a Pittsburgh-based company, we have to buy vinyl liners that will stand up to our Pittsburgh winters as well as our summers. This is why all of our liners have industry leading specifications.

Our Outlook Pool Liner features the exclusive Unibead design. What is Unibead you ask? Unibead gives pool owners the ability to install this liner as a beaded liner (requires bead receiver) or as a J-Hook liner.

All Pool City Unibead pool liners feature Perma material giving it the ultimate strength and durability Our virgin vinyl is formulated with inhibitors to protect against fading from chemicals and the suns powerful UV rays. Laser cut and radio frequency welded to exacting specifications our liners are sure to look professionally installed every time.

Backed by a 20-year warranty.

Above Ground Pool Liner Warranty Information 15 OR A 25 YEAR WARRANTY Your New Liner comes with a 15 or a 25 Year Warranty. Please see the warranty that came with your liner to determine how many years your liner is covered for. The liner is to be free from defects in the manufacturing workmanship. Examine your liner carefully prior to installation. Handle your liner carefully during inspection and installation as the manufacturer is not responsible for tears or punctures caused by improper handling or abuse. A 4” to 6" cove (earth is fine, see installation) must be put inside around the wall to protect the liner from getting in underneath your pool wall. Our liners are warranted to be free from defects in the seam for a period of 15 or 25 seasons , from the date of purchase, on a pro rata basis, each season to end December 31 of each specific calendar year. Replacement under the warranty is as follows: To initiate a warranty claim, please fill out warranty form and fax it along with original recipe to 631-254-2363. Send a letter with a description of the defect (photographs if possible) and a 1’ by 1’ section of the defective liner to show defect to Swimline, 191 Rodeo Dr., Edgewood, NY 11717

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