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  • Choice of teflon spill proof color felt by Championship
  • Made of maple
  • Grey Walnut fininh
  • Available in 7’ or 8’ table sizes
  • Dining Top Option Available
  • Option for storage benches
  • Three piece 1” backed tournament slate play surface
  • Gum rubber K66 rail cushions (industry-standard — approved by the Billiards Congress of America)
  • 100% accurate rebound
  • Genuine leather drop pockets
  • Optional dining top
  • Includes Premium Accessory Kit


from Plank & Hide

The Warren slate pool table has a rustic charm with a touch of modern, making for a piece of furniture that will fit into nearly any space it is desired. Impress your company with this 1" Slate (3-piece) pool table with K66 cushions and genuine leather drop pockets. I

Reg Price: $3,999.00
Price: $3,999.00