Plank and Hide Co. Paxton

Play perfectly leveled shuffleboard on the solid wood Paxton with sable-finished legs and climatic adjusters. Center leg adds support. Enjoy smooth games!
The Hamilton boasts timeless elegance with its traditional 12′ size and rich Espresso finish.

Product Description

Paxton shuffleboard table by Plank and Hide is constructed with solid wood. The Paxton comes with one piece legs with sable finish. The center leg provides additional support. Plank & Hide equips the Paxton with heavy-duty climatic adjusters, which enable you to correct for an unleveled floor, ensuring you have a perfectly level slide

Lengths Available

12ft | 14ft

Colors Available

Paxton Specs

Width (in): 33"
Height (in): 32"
Lengths Available: 12ft | 14ft

Paxton Image Gallery