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Hot Tub Covers: Put a Lid on Your Investment

The backyard of your dreams is nearly complete. You have decided on your perfect spa and have it customized to your liking. Don’t forget to put a lid on it! It is crucial a hot tub cover accompanies your dream spa on its first day home.

A hot tub cover is one of the single most important necessities of a hot tub.

1. As heat from spa water rises, the spa cover insulates against heat loss, which, without a cover would incur additional electrical costs for the homeowner.

2. Leaves, dirt and other debris are captured by the cover and prevent them from falling into the water.

3. The top of the spa is protected from damage resulting from extreme weather conditions. The cover ensures that hot tub cover skirt is long enough to prevent the spa’s acrylic edge from being exposed to harmful sunlight.

4. Children, pets and unwanted animals are inhibited from accessing the spa when not in use. In addition, hot tub covers meet the safety requirement of ASTM F-1346-91.

Important Facts About Jacuzzi® Hot Tub Covers

Jacuzzi® has developed strict specifications for their hot tub covers. They have specific requirements for foam density, vapor barrier bag density, vinyl weight, c-channel support, stitching, thread, skirt length, handle material, zipper material along with a variety of other requirements. Inspecting to these standards will assure you are getting one of the best spa covers in the industry built specifically for your spa.

What Consumers Should Know

Hot tub covers need to be cared for just as any outdoor product. Keeping your vinyl cleaned and conditioned will help to extend the life of your cover. As the main ingredient in the encasement is vinyl, please use a high-quality cleaner and conditioner for vinyl that is not petroleum based. Your cover is exposed to air pollutants, acid rain, bird droppings, and strong UV rays. Failure to care for your cover properly can prematurely age your cover.

5 Tips For Enjoying Your Hot Tub During Winter

bannerFor many, the selection between a hot tub and a pool comes down to one deciding factor - the weather.

If you live where the snow doesn't fall and the sun shines year-round, this factor may not be as prominent. However, for most of us, having a pool means closing it down, letting it sit for a few months and then bringing it back to life once May flowers bloom.

Having a hot tub in cold weather is a great relaxation space for friends and family - year round. Getting outside during the chilly season can be difficult, so turning your backyard into a warm winter oasis may be the perfect solution.


Often, you have to take a couple steps to get to and from the hot tub and the house. Make sure you have a path shoveled and salted to avoid slipping. Grab a robe or a towel to block your skin from the cold wind as you travel. A pair of sandals or slippers also will keep your skin separated from the cold and the snow. If you have ever sat in an outdoor hot tub during the winter, you know the feeling of submerging into the warm water while your skin is still cold - it takes some time before your body adjusts. Minimize that adjustment period by staying warm on the walk.



A properly insulated cover can reduce the energy requirements of your hot tub during the cold winter months. Remove excess snow from the top of the cover to keep the water underneath warmer.



Similar to getting out of the shower and realizing you have forgotten a towel, getting out of a hot tub to a cold towel is not pleasant.  A warm towel is not only comfortable, but more importantly keeps your body temperature from dropping. A towel warmer, placed right next to your hot tub, will heat your towels up for you while you relax. Alternatively, throw your towels in the dryer for a short while before you head out.



Wet hair + cold temperatures = not enjoyable. Wearing a hat will keep your hair dry and hold in the heat that is lost through the top of your head.



If you live in a colder environment, we recommend adding a foam board insulation, which is an option for all Viking Spas. This will not only help sound proof your spa, but will also provided added insulation, keeping your oasis warm and relaxing.

At Viking Spas, we love to get outside, no matter the weather. The optional insulation is great for cold weather and can help bring the monthly cost of operation down as well. Find the perfect spa for your family to enjoy this winter season.



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A Good Night's Sleep from Sundance Spas

Sleep Benefits of Hot Tubs: Whether it's difficulty falling asleep or episodes of waking up and being unable to easily go back to sleep during the night, you probably experience a less-than-good night's sleep from time to time. When lack of sleep becomes a chronic problem, it can start to affect you in many ways.


How important is a restful night's sleep?

Studies show that:

•    Sleep helps the brain commit new information to memory.
•    Chronic sleep loss affects the way the body processes and stores carbohydrates, which may lead to weight gain.
•    Poor sleep can contribute to accidents while driving.
•    Lack of sleep can make you irritable, and make it hard to concentrate.
•    Serious sleep disorders have been linked to hypertension.
•    Eventually, chronic sleep loss can diminish the disease-fighting capabilities of the immune system.

Learning to relax in preparation for a good night's sleep can help improve the chances of falling, and staying asleep. Hydrotherapy by Sundance Spas helps ease tension and promote relaxation. Heat loosens constricted blood flow. Buoyancy reduces body weight by up to 90%, relieving pressure on joints and muscles. And massage helps to work out stiffness and muscle soreness.

Sundance hydrotherapy also stimulates the production of endorphins, which naturally block pain and stress signals from reaching the brain. Their effects can linger after your spa session has ended, too, so you feel more content, and ready to sleep.

Sundance jets provide many massage variations that can help you release feelings of stress. Patented, adjustable, Fluidix Nex jets, for example, pinpoint the neck muscles, where many people experience tension. You can opt for high- or low-level massaging action with these, and many other, Sundance jets.

You may also want to try using aromatherapy fragrances, in select spas, to help induce a restful state. Certain fragrances, such as Summer Rain from the SunScents aromatherapy collection, have qualities that calm the mind and enhance relaxation.



Jacuzzi® - The Original Hot Tub

Innovation Has Always Been at Our Core Jacuzzi believes baths and spas are about more than just hot water, so we provide high-performance products that celebrate water’s ability to refresh and rejuvenate... More »

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