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Tropitone Outdoor Patio Furniture

Tropitone's goal is to provide customers what they want, when they want it – the first time, every time. We may never fully achieve that goal. But we will never stop trying.


Back in the early 1950's, post-war families in the USA were establishing households and becoming mobile. Cities were once again vibrant and enjoyable. Suburban

communities were being created with clusters of new homes and apartments that included lawns, gardens, patios and pools. All of these homes, apartments, hotels, motels, clubs and resorts needed outdoor furniture for the lawn, garden, patio and pool. The Tropitone Furniture Company and the Tropitone® brand were born in 1954 when Mr. Burt M. Baker bought the Sarasota Redwood Furniture Company and switched from redwood to aluminum for the frames of his outdoor patio furniture. The Tropitone Furniture Company was originally established to serve the commercial market for outdoor patio furniture that included hotels, motels, clubs and resorts. Tropitone® brand outdoor patio furniture could soon be found around the lawns, gardens, patios and pools of commercial properties around the country. Tropitone eventually decided to fill consumer demand by offering commercial-performance outdoor patio furniture at retail. The Tropitone® brand of outdoor patio furniture changed the performance standards of an entire industry by applying the rigorous product and service requirements of the highly - demanding commercial outdoor patio furniture market to the residential market.


Providing Customers What They Want, When They Want It

Today, Tropitone has full-service manufacturing and distribution operations in Sarasota, FL and Irvine, CA, providing Tropitone the ability to quickly respond to ever-changing marketplace conditions for outdoor patio furniture by being close to North American customers. Tropitone Furniture Company's bi-coastal presence provides the Tropitone® brand with the unique ability to specialize in two key service requirements of residential customers: 1) short order-to-ship cycle time; and 2) customized outdoor patio furniture manufactured and shipped within that short cycle time. This capability allows residential customers to get exactly what they want, when they want it.


Today, the Tropitone Furniture Company has broad and deep portfolios of residential products specifically designed for poolside, garden, patio and deck, fireside, balcony and sunroom. All are designed with the same standard of performance excellence. And the purchase and ownership experience of those who design and use residential outdoor spaces is guided by the same standards of excellence.

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Tropitone Furniture Company has satisfied the product and service requirements of those that design and use the World’s most enjoyable residential outdoor spaces since 1954. We will continue satisfying the requirements for residential outdoor patio furniture for many years to come.

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