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Why Now is the Perfect Time to Get a Fire Pit


Spring is finally here! As many of us are practicing social distancing, we may be retreating to our backyards more than usual in order to enjoy as much of nature as we safely can.


Here are some ways that a getting a fire-pit or fire-table can help you get even more out of your backyard.



1)    It can make a backyard camping excursion feel like the real deal!


Spring brings us new growth, wildflowers, and song-birds. It makes the idea of a weekend camping trip sound incredibly alluring. But you can continue to heed the shelter-in-place order and still have your weekend-get-away. Set up a tent in your backyard and spend some quality time with your family. With a fire-table, you can still enjoy a campfire—with far less hassle and as many marshmallows as you want. Who doesn’t love smores?


2)    The night might be a little chilly, but you don’t have to be


Extend days enjoying the sun into evenings by the fire with a companionable cup of tea. The contrast of cool air and warmth from your fire-pit is the perfect wind-down before bed.


3)     It elevates the look of any backyard space


There’s a reason people enjoy well composed paintings, intricate architecture or a summer’s day. As human beings, we’re have an innate appreciate for alethic beauty.

A fire-pit can work as a beautiful center piece—adding elegance to a well designed patio. In times of stress, it is important that we can retreat to spaces that fill us with sense of splendor.


4)    It can spice up dinner


With a cooking grate for your fire-pit or table, you and your family can share in a different kind of eating experience. Gathered around the fire, everyone can participate in cooking. Maybe plan a tapas night, or perhaps kebabs. Ever heard of Korean BBQ? It’s a style of cuisine where everyone takes turn cooking their food directly at the table. Do your own spin on that. It’ll get everyone involved with dinner and it doubles as a family activity.

Selecting the Right Material for Your Patio Furniture

Considering revamping your patio but not sure where to start?

Deciding on a material is a great jumping off point.

There are a ton of options—from wrought iron to wicker! However, when making your selection, it’s important to factor in your specific needs as well as the climate you live in. Some materials tend to require more care than others.



If you want something reminiscent of a bistro or a more retro-feel to your backyard space, steel is an excellent option.

Steel is sturdy, can endure extreme temperatures, and often has a powdered-coated finish, making it rust-resistant.

Because of this, it is hard to dent and can withstand both the coldest winters and hottest summers.

However, it needs a coat of liquid car wax yearly, in order to keep the finish looking as beautiful as the day you bought it.


Natural materials like pine, cedar, or teak offer a warm, rustic look to any backyard space. That being said, these pieces generally require a bit more care than other materials.

Many are sealed with varnishes that both enhance the natural beauty of the wood and make them more resistant to sun and rain. That being said, it’s best to try to keep your furniture dry in order to preserve the integrity of the wood.

Because wood is not as durable as other materials, and for that reason, it’s a good idea to keep coasters handy and to move furniture underneath an awning when there is extreme weather.



Aluminum is by far the easiest, most durable patio furniture material on the market. If you want something incredibly low-maintenance and while look great year-round, aluminum is just the ticket.

It can withstand any weather and is more rust-resistant than any other metal. In addition, it’s light-weight, so you can re-arrange furniture with ease and to your heart’s content.

Too keep it in tip-top shape, cover chips in finish with a paint (as close to the color of the furniture as possible) to prevent oxidation and rust!



Resin-wicker is great if you like the neutral, earth tones of wicker, but want furniture that is weather resistant and easy to care for.

It is a synthetic material and can withstand humidity, rain and snow. Many resin-wicker pieces are UV-resistant, meaning the sun won’t cause them to fade or crack. Most resin-wicker furniture has an aluminum frame, and as we stated earlier, aluminum is the sturdiest patio material!

But, if you’re unsure whether your resin-wicker furniture is UV-resistant, simply move it out of direct sun-light when you’re not using it.


Wrought Iron

Wrought iron is distinctive and elegant and known for its heft and sturdiness. It makes a truly beautiful backyard space! And, due to its fortitude, there is no need to worry about a gust of strong wind knocking this furniture over. Many are treated with finishes to help them resist harsh weather. But, much like wood—it requires a level of thoughtfulness and care!

It’s best to keep these patio pieces out of the rain, as they are prone to rust. Much like aluminum, you can maintain wrought iron by sealing blemishes with paint. If you spot any rust, simply sand the area and touch up with some of that trusty paint.


8 Steps to Opening Your Pool


With there being a “shelter in place” order in every state in the country, it’s likely you’re feeling antsy. As a remedy to that, you might be wanting to open your pool a little earlier in the season than you usually would. Well, we’re here to give you a handy guide to opening your pool.

We should mention that we have a pool start up kit that you can conveniently pick up at our store!


Step 1: Time to remove your winter cover

Get out you’re a pool pump! You’ll want to run it to get your winter cover as dry as possible. Once dry, sweep as much debris as possible from the cover. This will help prevent it accidentally dumping out into your pool when you go to remove the cover. Begin taking the cover off, folding it into sections as you go, until it is completely folded to one side. This will further help minimize getting any gunk into your pool.


Step 2: Clean and store your cover

Lay your cover out somewhere flat in your yard and use your hose to remove any remaining debris. Allow it to dry, and then store it until next winter!


Step 3: Refill, remove, reinstall

If the water level of your pool dropped while it was closed for winter, add more water to the pool. Next ensure that all your winter plugs have been removed. Then reinstall you’re the skimmer baskets and jet fittings.


Step 4: Re-attach your deck equipment

Oil up your bolts and re-attach your deck equipment such as diving boards, rails and ladders.


Step 5: Get your filter and pump going!

Hook up your pool pump, pool heater (if you have one) and filter. When you turn on the power, make sure there are no leaks or loose attachments, and everything seems to work properly (i.e. your pump is pulling water properly).


Step 6: Backwash your filter

Make sure to backwash your filter when you start your filter system up. If you’re using a DE filter, it’s important to add DE after you use backwash filters that you it. Be sure you are following your manufacturer’s instruction when backwashing.


Step 7: Clean and Shock your Pool

Skim the pool and scrub its sides with a pool broom. Vacuum up any debris that might have sunk to the bottom of the pool.

Now you’re ready to shock that sucker! You’ll want to add enough shock to raise the chlorine level to 3.0 ppm. Make sure you’re testing the water because it may require more than one treatment to get it to the correct level.

Step 8: Get your water chemistry in check

Test your water chemistry for alkalinity, pH, calcium hardness and chlorine levels. This is where having a starter kit would probably be handy—it’ll include all the chemicals you need to adjust levels. Most starter kits include shock too!

After this, you’ll want to let the water sit undisturbed with the pool pump running for at least 24 hours. Test the water chemistry again. If the chlorine level is now under 2.0 ppm and the levels are balanced, give it one last vacuum and you’re ready to jump in!

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